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  1. Exterior Lighting

    Exterior lighting, outdoor lights, outside lights, beautiful lights
    Add safety, security and beauty to your home with stunning exterior lighting.
    Not enough hours in the day? Extend the day with exterior lighting.
    Play outside with your kids long after sunset.
    Sit on the porch in the relaxing glow of soft lighting.
    Light the path to your front door to welcome guests.
  2. We respect our customers and their homes so we use drop cloths and shoe covers to make sure your home is as
    clean as when we arrived.​​

  3. Enter our Coloring Contest
    and you could
    WIN a PRIZE!

    We really enjoy giving away prizes so we pick winners at random times throughout the year.

    We love seeing all of your coloring pages.
    Thank you for brightening our day.

    Enter as many times as you like.

    ​Have fun coloring!

    Previous prize. Prizes vary.

    Click on the coloring page to print out your own or for more info. 

  4. Beautiful Lighting Designs​

    Beautiful dining room light, crystal pendant light, crystal chandelier,
    Get creative with your lighting and it will truly brighten your day.
    Soft lighting creates a warm glow making conversations easy and relaxed. 
    Recessed lighting adds a sparkle to every room without being overwhelmingly bright. 
    Showcase your architecture and make your home a work of art.
  5. Generators 

    Most of us don't think about backup generators until it is too late and a storm has knocked out our power. A backup generator can keep you warm and comfortable without you having to lift a finger. 
  6. ​Why it is so important to torque every connection.

    From breakers to outlets, every device has unique torque specifications. Most are available in the manufacturer's instructions.

    Every electrician is required to follow the manufacturer's instructions as per 110.3 (B) of the NEC (National Electrical Code) to meet the
    minimum safety standard.

    Make sure any electrician you hire uses torque tools. Torquing every connection makes sure that the
    installation is done correctly and safely.

    Just like the wheels on your car, if the lug nuts are too loose or too tight it can cause serious damage. 

     A loose connection can cause a fire.

    Over tightening a connection can damage or break the wire and cause a fire.

    We use the correct tools to ensure that every electrical connection is made with strength and care.

    We use the latest Kline and Wiha torque tools and attachments

  7. Underground Break Repair

    All too often we receive a call from a customer who says that part of their home has stopped working or that their home seems like it is haunted by a poltergeist. Lights and appliances are turning off and on by themselves or start sparking. This is often caused by an underground break or other serious issue.

    We have all of the proper equipment to locate and repair an underground break, no exorcism required. 
  8. Under Cabinet Lighting

    A brilliant way to add fun and functionality to your kitchen.
    Those dark recesses in your kitchen don't stand a chance with under cabinet lighting that also gives you the option to add a charger for your phone or tablet.
    Keep electronics off of your countertop, charged and at your fingertips.
    To find out more go to:

    To use Adorne's Under-Cabinet Planner go to:

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Why choose us?​​ Great question!

  1. As a small family owned and operated company we are able to focus more on customer service.

  2. We work hand in hand with Electrical Inspectors because we have the same goal, your safety.

    A home should be a welcoming place where you feel safe and secure. You should never have to question if a repair or installation was done properly.
  3. We purchase an electrical permit every time one is required. It keeps us accountable for every installation and repair.

  4. Having a young and active family we understand that schedules are tight and time is precious. We do our best to work with your schedule. 

  5. We really love what we do and we think it shows.

  6. When you call us you may also have the added bonus of hearing one of our "Little Sparkies", our daughters, in the background. They enjoy being a part of the company as much as possible and make our lives and our business better every day. 

  7. We are proud of our good standing with Labor and Industries. Click the links at the bottom of the page to see us on L&

  8. We are a small, family owned, full-service company which allows us to give you and your home the care and attention you deserve.